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ART Colenta Bulgaria

3 years of planning and investment in building a new production facility, with the capacity to produce for all divisions within the Colenta Group, is now rewarded and AHEAD OF SCHEDULE !

The new factory, located in the industrial heartland of Bulgaria, has been equipped with the latest hi-tech tooling and production systems which enables us to maintain control of quality, production costs and delivery schedules and is staffed by local skilled labour trained and supervised from our Group headquarters in Austria and Group facility in Waldkirchen, Germany

The facility in Waldkirchen, although no longer involved in day to day production, will remain actively involved in supporting the needs of our Photo Division and existing dealerships world-wide, ordering procedures for new equipment and spare parts remain the same but shipments will now all be made from one central dispatch centre located at our group headquarters in Wiener Neustadt, Austria.

Despite the sad efforts of our US competitor who advertise our move into Bulgaria as a negative sign, we can assure all that we will continue to build and invest in the long term future for Colenta, our business partners and their respective customers, those companies, which do not plan and act for the future, have no future.