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Colenta Imageline CtF Online Systems

Our CtF products cover the full spectrum of film imagesetters currently available in the markets and are
manufactured to meet the precise requirements for online operation, thereby offering a totally hands free
automatic link between imagesetter and processor to ensure the safe handling and transfer of exposed media
for final development.
IL 37-110S/SP Online for all type of
Imagesetter with integrated Conveyor.
IL 37-56S/SP with DoubleBuffer
for ECRM, Heidelberg,....
IL 56-95S/SP for CreoScitex
IL 37-110S/SP Online IL 37-56S/SP with DoubleBuffer IL 56-95S/SP

....for IPA System NewsExpress ....for Heidelberg Primesetter 74/102
....for IPA System NewsExpress ....for Heidelberg Primesetter 74/102

COLENTA DoubleBuffer System

Most online imagesetter to processor interfaces can be covered by our Colenta direct feed conveyors
but we can also provide sophisticated "Buffer" systems which allow continuos film imaging for higher productivity.
The jewel in the range of Colenta "buffer" interface systems is our Advanced Double Buffer (ADB) which acts both as
a receiver and transfer system to simultaneously allow film input from the imagesetter whilst transferring previously
exposed jobs into the processor typically in media lengths of up to 5 metres.

Colenta DoubleBuffer System 37/56 cm

Colenta DoubleBuffer System 37/56 cm Colenta DoubleBuffer System 37/56 cm


Electronic Interface

All Colenta electronic interface systems are individually designed to work hand in hand with the software
and hardware control systems within the imagesetter. Precise coding and signal communications are accurately
monitored by the interface electronics to ensure that the processor and imagesetter are working in total harmony
to ensure safe handling of media into and through the processor and consistent high quality Film & Plate production.

....for IPA System NewsExpress ....for Heidelberg Primesetter 74/102 ....for CreoScitexe
Electronic Interface Electronic Interface Electronic Interface