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Photographic / Digital and
X-Ray (medical and industrial).

Some features of the COLENTA ILP-units:

The COLENTA ILP CTP processors designs all concentrate on keeping the developer solution in the optimum condition and incorporate many mechanical and software features which ensure that the developer is correctly replenished and oxidation is controlled to the absolute minimum levels. In the case of replenishment, this is a fully automatic system which accurately calculates the area of plate entering the processor and injects fresh solution into the baths at the rates recommended by the plate manufacturer. Our replenishment programme will also replenish the baths accurately during periods when the processor remains on but is not being used (standby mode). There is also a Sleepmode feature which will calculates the required replenishment needed for the developer when the processor is totally inactive (asleep). Replenishment of the solution will activate automatically for a controlled period on start-up in the next working day.

Input section with optical Scannerbar Waste management system
Input section with optical Scannerbar
to measure touchless the incoming Plate area.
Waste management system, based on pull
out drawers for easy handling the containers.

Electronic Box Inbuilt Chiller unit
Well organized/CE-approved Electronic Box. Inbuilt Chiller unit

chain-gear drive system
Very reliable chain-gear drive system.