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Colenta at Graphispag 2003 in Barcelona

The Colenta LS processor was the choice of MAG-D-Print (local Colenta representive, Spain) at GRAPHISPAG to provide a processor solution to support their EscherGrad COBALT8 platesetter - exposing to Agfa Lithostar silver plate plates. A very succesful show for Colenta and MAG-D-Print, located in one of the most beautiful cities europe's.

Graphispag 2003 Graphispag 2003

some feedback from the show......

Hola Cobalt! MAG-D Print Breaks Live Plate Record at Graphispag 2003 - No, it's not a ticket booth for the World Cup Final, it's MAG-D Print's enormous stand at the recent Graphispag show in Barcelona! One little Cobalt-8 drove past 700 plates during the event feeding five, yes five, live multi-colour presses. One of those presses was a 10 (yes 10) unit 40-inch perfector!

It's Spain's largest trade-show and MDP is Spain's largest graphic arts distributor and it's the largest number of plates a Cobalt has ever made on one booth! The level of activity surpassed the live demos conducted at last year's IPEX (UK) with the Cobalt-8 furnishing multi-format plates, non-stop,throughout the show.

Looking at the pictures one is tempted to ask, what downturn? The attendance was phenomenal and MDP expect to follow-up on dozens of great Cobalt leads in the following days. In the six days the show ran, the booth itself generated enough print to keep several commercial shops happy. Complete turnkey demonstrations were held on an hourly basis with PCC/Artworks systems software feeding the Cobalt-8, plates distributed to Akiyama and Shinohara press lines and finished pieces being cut, folded and trimmed live.

A Colenta ILP 85 LS furnished the plate processing equipment that processed Agfa Lithostar LAP-V plates throughout the show - more than 700plates!.

Cobalt's presence in the Iberian peninsula was rounded out with Emetres (Portugal) also showing the Cobalt range.