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Industrial X-Ray Processors

To meet the increasing needs for an "all in one" compact and portable film processing system, Colenta have produced the INDX 37 NDT Mobile which provides a customer with a self contained film processing facility that can be installed inside a truck body or container and moved efficiently from location to location as required.

The system is configured with all that is required for the automatic processing of industrial x-ray film sizes up to 35cm in width inside a vehicle and with a series of options to meet specific needs that a customer may have based on their typical working sites and conditions.
The attached information details the INDX 37 NDT Mobile design features and specifications and provides an overview on the optional accessories and the benefits they provide in extreme operating conditions.

indx37 ndt mobile
indx37 ndt mobile
indx37 ndt mobile
indx37 ndt mobile

Leaflet INDX 37 NDT Mobile GERMAN Leaflet INDX 37 NDT Mobile ENGLISH

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