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IL-PCB Film Processors 35 - 110 NG /NGs

The Colenta IL-PCB Film Processor range is a fully automatic "dry to dry" processing system designed for reliable processing of all types of common used PCB films. The processor incorporates a non opposed roller transport system has been produced to ensure minimal contact with the film emulsion and has a series of intermediate wash water crossovers which safely transfer the film between each stage of processing to produce high quality PCB images requiring the minimum of operator involvement.

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All Colenta PCB Film Processing Equipment is proven to reliably handle all PCB films supplied from all major film manufacturers
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PCB Widetrack Film Processors

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Our Colenta PCB Film Processors are well established with a proven reputation for quality production, reliable performance and long life operation.

Standard Features and accessories:
** Removable flat feed table
** upgradeable on site for higher processing capacity
** Touch Free detection and area measurement of all material entering the processor
** Film area based precise replenishment of all chemical solutions
** Low level monitoring in all processing tank solutions.
** External filters for DEV / FIX & WASH
** Filter ChangeAlert.
** Automatic Standby and energy saving modes
** "Work in Progress" monitoring
** IntegratedReplenishment storage tanks with level control
** Prepared for connection to an external exhaust air facility

wet section overview

When required, a deeper tank rack set can be installed
(at customer site) to provide higher processing capacity.

supply tank filter section

Slide-out tray for easy access to the
replenishment & waste containers.

high efficient circulation
inclusive external filter systems
for DEV /FIX and WASH tanks

eBox front rack side slantedview

Well organized, CE approved and easy
maintainable electronic box

The center rack rollers
have minimal contact
with the film emulsion