Widetrack Colour Print Processors 140cm and 200cm

Widetrack Colour Print Processors for developing RA4 RC paper and Display Film Media

The COLENTA 140cm (55inch) and 200cm (78inch) RA4 / BW models are produced in 4 and 5 Tank versions and configured for use with Wash Water or with Stabiliser (5 Tank Washless).

Available in a range of production speeds of at a 45 second development time:

  • 80 cm/min (31inch/min)
  • 95 cm/min (37inch/min)
  • 125 cm/min (49inch/min)
  • 180 cm/min (70inch/min)

All processors are long established products with a well proven reputation for high image quality and reliability and used for wide format RC paper and Display film in sheet and long roll format exposed by conventional or digital exposure systems.