Protective Apparels

Protection apparels from Colenta are ideal choice for professional X-Ray protection for your patients and the radiology team. Equipment, such as lead aprons, lead glasses and lead shields are available for adults and children in different sizes, lead equivalences and designs. We also have various products for dentists and oral surgeons like dental lead aprons, thyroid shields and protection gloves. With our products it makes it easy to apply radiation protection four your team and your patients.



Single and Double Sided Coats:
double sided coat apron 1.jpg double sided coat apron 2.jpg double sided coat apron 3.jpg

double sided coat apron detail.jpg single sided coat apron 1.jpg single sided coat apron 2.jpg

surgical apron  1.jpg surgical apron 2.jpg

Skirt and Vest:
skirt and vest apron 1.jpg skirt and vest apron 2.jpg skirt and vest apron 3.jpg

vest detail.jpg

Mini Aprons:
mini apron 1.jpg mini apron 2.jpg mini apron 3.jpg

mini apron 4.jpg

Dental Aprons:
dental apron 1.jpg dental apron 2.jpg

head shield.jpg

Thyroid Shield:
thyroid shield 1.jpg thyroid shield 2.jpg thyroid shield 3.jpg

thyroid shield 4.jpg

Gonad Shield:
Gonad shield 3.jpg gonad shield 1.jpg gonad shield 2.jpg

gonad shield 4.jpg

Ovarian Shield:
ovarian shield 1.jpg ovarian shield 2.jpg ovarian shield 3.jpg

Protection Gloves:
glove holder.jpg gloves 1.jpg gloves 2.jpg

gloves 3.jpg gloves 4.jpg gloves 5.jpg

gloves surgical.jpg

Eye Glasses:
goggles-front.jpg goggles_front_and_side.jpg