Medical X-Ray Films Product range


MEDIPHOT X-O/RP - Green Sensitized X-Ray Film

MEDIPHOT X-O/RP is an orthochromatic medical x-ray film that provides high image quality when used in conjunction with green emitting rare-earth screens.

Well-suited for general radiographic applications such as skull, chest and abdomen as well asextremities and angiography, MEDIPHOT X-O/RP ensures stable, high-resolution images regardless of whether your facility employs super-rapid (45 seconds), rapid (90 seconds), low volume or manual xray film processing.

MEDIPHOT X-O/RP film contains excellent antistatic properties and remarkable surface smoothness, resulting in reliable transport in a variety of film handling systems including chest changers, cassetteless tables and rapid film changers.

MEDIPHOT X-O/RP film offers the following special features:


MEDIPHOT X-90N/RP - Blue Sensitized X-Ray Film

MEDIPHOT X-90N/RP is a wide latitude film with medium contrast for use with blue-emitting intensifying screens.

This universal type film with a wide tonal range is used for all types of diagnostic applications. It is especially the best fort he chest. It is well suited for general radiography. It gives excellent reproductions of soft tissue and bone structure on the same image. It is yields high speed, low fog and very high resolution radiographs. Processing is accomplished in 45 second and longer cycle processors or manually.

This conventional screen film should only be used in combination with X-ray screens and the final image density of the processed film depends on the
exposure and processing conditions.

MEDIPHOT X-90N/RP film offers the following special features:


MEDIPHOT X-MA/RP - Green Sensitized Mammography X-Ray Film

MEDIPHOT X-MA/RP Mammography Film is a single-coated, orthochromatic, green sensitive film designed for use in all mammographic applications where high speed, high contrast and high resolution are essential.

When used in conjunction with single green-emitting mammographic intensifying screen, MEDIPHOT X-MA/RP enables accurate diagnosis in mammography, providing
excellent visibility of microcalcifications and minute tumors in the breast. Processing is accomplished in 90 second or extended cycle.

This mammography film should be used in combination with a single green-emitting rare-earth screen and the final image density of the processed film depends on the exposure and processing conditions.



MEDIPHOT DENT X-E is a high-quality double-emulsion intraoral X-ray film of high speed (ISO class E), high contrast and fine grain, providing high image quality and outstanding detail definition. This film is intended for intraoral X-ray diagnostics only.

Technical Properties: