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Digital X-Ray product range

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The Colenta DX-Easy Imaging DR Retrofit Kit makes the use of CR Cassettes/Imaging Plates or the use of analogue x-ray films, the use of film cassettes and intensifying screens, the use of a darkroom, a processor and processing chemistry obsolete.

The digital information for the various images, necessary for an x-ray examination, is obtained by means of the Colenta Wireless Flat Panel Detector, which is replacing the CR Cassettes/Imaging Plates or the conventional method of using cassettes/films.

The Colenta Wireless Flat Panel Detector with AED (Automatic Exposure Detection) - facility, does not need any interlink to the x-ray generator.

The digital information, produced by the DR Detector is transferred to the Capture Console, where by means of the DX-Easy Imaging Acquisition Software the x-ray image is obtained and can be evaluated on screen - within approximately 3 seconds after the x-ray exposure.

The DX-Easy Imaging Processing Software allows the radiologist to enhance and examine the image exactly as required to make a precise diagnosis. The image can be exported to different media or a patient CD made as required.

Only the diagnosis related images are printed by means of the COLENTA DICOM Printer onto Dry Imaging Film for keeping in the patient file. A CD-writer in the PC of the Capture Console allows images to be written and to create a PatientCD, to be kept with the patient file.

Colenta Modular Enterprise RIS/PACS:
The PACS Configuration allows to set up a complete independently working IT-System in the xray department, including Image Archiving facility and connection of additional Workstations. The amount of workstations to be provided, is limited to 4 units.

For hospitals and imaging centers our Colenta Modular Enterprise RIS/PACS fits perfect to the needs of advanced workflow management.

- For hospitals and imaging centers
- Advanced workflow management
- Built-in teleradiology
- Available in 19 languages
- Digital reporting and voice recognition
- For any device and any vendor, e.g. X-ray, computed tomography, MRI, etc.
- Web-based or work-station based
- Advanced post-processing

Colenta Modular Enterprise RIS/PACS
WiFi AED Detector

Leaflet WiFi AED Detector


Capture Console

Capture Console

Software Configurations

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