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COLENTA X-Ray Processors Type MEDIPHOT:

The Colenta Mediphot medical X-Ray processor range includes a choice of models to meet precise production requirements and budgets. Our designs incorporate many unique technical features to ensure consistence, high quality images and processing reliability - a very important asset to a busy radiography department.

MP902 / MP903 MP943 MP 900 E
MP902 / MP903 MP943 MP 900 E

We are convinced that all outstanding features implemented in our processors are displayed clearly and thoroughly in our leaflets. Nevertheless we want to summarize and emphasize some of these features - which are bringing us so much ahead of all of our competitors on the market - in order to encourage you to follow us and to join us for promoting our products in your local markets.

We have compared all relevant technical datas of our processors to the units, already sold on your markets. We feel sure that our units are fully competitive technically, and we hope we will convince you too, not just by means of comparison sheets, but due to a successful, comprehensive test runinstallation. Taking in account all the technical advantages emphasized above, we also feel sure that we will be competitive on your markets pricewise.

Basic Datasheet
MEDIPHOT X-RAY Film Processors
Definition of Capacity
MEDIPHOT X-RAY Film Processors
Comparison of MEDIPHOT X-RAY
Film Processors regarding Capacity