ID-Printers, X-Ray Film Cassettes & Intensifying Screens

X-Ray Film Cassettes

Available in all inch and cm sizes, with or without US-window.


  • Exceptional Film/Screen contact
  • Outstanding Durability
  • Control of Backscatter
  • Convenient Film Loading/Unloading
  • Resistant against scratches


X-Ray Film Intensifying Screens


  • Calcium Tungstate Screens with Speed Class 50/100/200
  • Rare Earth Green Screens with Speed Class 100/200/400/800
  • Rare Earth Blue Screens with Speed Class 100/200/400/800



  • Optimum Image Quality
  • Polyester Base for flexibility and longer life
  • Durable Protective Layer for protection from scratches and water/chemistry spillage as well as atmospheric (tropical) moisture
  • Compatibility with all available x-ray films


ID-Printer Type B2N

The Colenta ID Printer is for both AP and PA applications and incorporates the lastest technology to record all the important patient data clearly and precisely onto each x-ray through the window area of the cassette in daylight operating conditions.


Files Analogue X-Ray Portfolio

An Adobe Acrobat file A2-1_1 - Medical Imaging - Analogue Portfolio