ID-Printers, X-Ray Film Cassettes & Intensifying Screens

X-Ray Film Cassettes

Available in all inch and cm sizes, with or without US-window.


  • Exceptional Film/Screen contact
  • Outstanding Durability
  • Control of Backscatter
  • Convenient Film Loading/Unloading
  • Resistant against scratches


X-Ray Film Intensifying Screens


  • Calcium Tungstate Screens with Speed Class 50/100/200
  • Rare Earth Green Screens with Speed Class 100/200/400/800
  • Rare Earth Blue Screens with Speed Class 100/200/400/800



  • Optimum Image Quality
  • Polyester Base for flexibility and longer life
  • Durable Protective Layer for protection from scratches and water/chemistry spillage as well as atmospheric (tropical) moisture
  • Compatibility with all available x-ray films



Files Analogue X-Ray Portfolio

An Adobe Acrobat file A2-1_1 - Medical Imaging - Analogue Portfolio