Digital Radiography

DX-Easy Imaging DR Retrofit Kit

The Colenta DX-Easy Imaging DR Retrofit Kit makes the use of CR Cassettes/Imaging Plates or the use of analogue x-ray films, the use of film cassettes and intensifying screens, the use of a darkroom, a processor and processing chemistry obsolete.

The digital information for the various images, necessary for an x-ray examination, is obtained by means of the Colenta Wireless Flat Panel Detector, which is replacing the CR Cassettes/Imaging Plates or the conventional method of using cassettes/films.

The Colenta Wireless Flat Panel Detector with AED (Automatic Exposure Detection) - facility, does not need any interlink to the x-ray generator.

The digital information, produced by the DR Detector is transferred to the Capture Console, where by means of the DX-Easy Imaging Acquisition Software the x-ray image is obtained and can be evaluated on screen - within approximately 3 seconds after the x-ray exposure.

The DX-Easy Imaging Processing Software allows the radiologist to enhance and examine the image exactly as required to make a precise diagnosis. The image can be exported to different media or a patient CD made as required.

Only the diagnosis related images are printed by means of the COLENTA DICOM Dry Laser Imagers onto Dry Imaging Film for keeping in the patient file. A CD-writer in the PC of the Capture Console allows images to be written and to create a Patient-CD, to be kept with the patient file.