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Colenta at Photokina 2006 in Cologne

Photokina 2006:

Colenta, once again Colenta took full advantage of Photokina to showpiece a New Style and Generation of Processing equipment designed and produced with many new technical and energy saving features that ensure consistent high quality production, efficiently and at minimum operating costs.

On display were Widetrack 140 / 200 RA4 Digital Professional systems which support Lambda/Lightjet/Chromira Production requirements as well as conventional darkroom applications, the FILMPRO Aerial and Conventional Film Processors and a selection of models from our established Studioline and Printline DPP which ideally support the production needs of the smaller digital printers and darkroom systems.

In additional Colenta used the opportunity to display a new Inkjet Coating systems in partnership with Premier Imaging Products Ltd which is scheduled for release in the 1st quarter of 2007

Photokina 2006 Photokina 2006
Photokina 2006 Photokina 2006