Printline RA4 Colour Print Processors 56 - 80 cm

The Colenta PRINTLINE range of processors are a 5 Tank UNIVERSAL design configured for RA4 Wash or Washless operation as required and is a faster processing system for RC paper and Display film / Duratrans in sheet or long roll formats.

All processors are deep tank and floor standing models, available in maximum process widths of:

  • 56cm (22inch)
  • 66cm (26inch)
  • 80cm (31inch)

And in a choice of production speeds at a 45 second development time of:

  • 70 cm/min (27inch/min)
  • 95 cm/min (37inch/min)
  • 120 cm/min (47inch/min)



Files Photo Printline

An Adobe Acrobat file Datasheet_RA4_PrintLine_5Tank_08_2022