Cleaning Products - Easy Clean


The Colenta range of EASY CLEAN Processor Cleaning and Wash Water treatment products are specially formulated for use with our range of film and paper processors to provide easy and effective solutions for maintaining a processor and transport system in clean condition and provide manual and automatic dosing of biocides to prevent algae growth on the roller and tank surfaces within the processor wash tanks.


The EASY CLEAN product range:



This is a cleaning agent that removes Algae Bio-Slime from wash rack rollers and tanks surfaces and is manually dosed into a processor on a daily basis.

Format: 1 litre bottle / liquid base



This is a super concentrated wash tank additive to prevent algae growth in the wash rack rollers and tank, formulated for use with the Colenta automatic dosing pump system to place small quantities of additive into the wash tank at the selective times and at the required dosing rates during every 24 hour cycle.

Format: 5 litre container / liquid base


EASY CLEAN Algae Pump System:

A simple to use dosing system to inject Easy Clean Algae AD solution directly into a processor wash tank at programmed times and at the required dosage during the working day and night.



A system cleaner with Neutraliser to effectively clean a developer tank and rack from silver/tart deposits.

Format: 3 part chemical (A,B & C) / liquid base - with 2 of each part in 1 set



35 x 43 cm sheets to place into a processor after periods of non activity or on daily start up before normal production is run.