ECO-Line Colour Print Processors 56 / 80 cm

The range of Studio Line RA4 Processors has been extended to include the models:
56 RA4 Eco and 80 RA4 Eco - both in 4-Tank format.

These 2 models provide a lower cost option to those who only require to develop RA4 R.C. media in cut sheet format with no requirement to process long roll material or display film. Ideally for studios offering professional RA4 paper prints.

Standard features include:

  • a production speed of 50 cm/min
  • water rinse crossovers
  • user friendly micro processor control
  • automatic replenishment
  • auto heating and cooling
  • anti-crystallisation / anti-oxidation cycles


In basic terms the ECO models provide all the required features and options to run high quality RA4 prints.


Available in maximum process widths of:

  • 56cm (22inch)
  • 80cm (31inch)

Files ECO-Line Colour Print Processors

An Adobe Acrobat file datasheet_ECO_Line_4T_RA4_08_2022