Graphic Art Processing Equipment


for Graphic Art Films and PE-Printing Plates (up to 0,2 mm)

Colenta manufactures a range of Graphic Art Film Processors that include an SE model produced in different process widths, with variable and programmable developer timing.

Typically running at a production speed of 100 cm (40inch) per minute when operating at a 20 seconds development time.

Process widths:

  • 56cm (22inch)
  • 66cm (26inch)
  • 80cm (31inch)
  • 95cm (37inch)


All processors are build as 3 Tank units (Developer/Fixer/Wash) with warm air drying with the facility to programme all developing parameters to precise requirements – Temperatures, replenishment rates and developer time. The inbuilt AT600 control electronic board ensures that all parameters are continuously monitored and controlled to provide consistent developing quality, as well to activate energy saving features that keep the processor at the optimum level of performance.


Files Pre-Press

An Adobe Acrobat file Datasheet SE 3Tank 2020