Production Site Sofia

Art Colenta Bulgaria (ACB), a 100% daughter company of Colenta in Austria is a well equipped manufacturing company with over 20 years experience in the design and manufacture of machine products and tooling to meet the precise requirements of a customer in both mechanical and electrical engineering aspects and fully compliant to the strict engineering and safety standards that apply to all.

ACB be your business partner for the production of the parts, sub assembly manufacturing or complete machine production. Our range of experience covers the complete engineering process of design including software development, the production of parts, final assembly and quality control.

Visit our picture gallery to view some sample pictures of parts / components we are manufacturing as well some files to download including some further information about us and the possibilities we have in respect of production & assembly.





Files ACB Production Site

An Adobe Acrobat file Flyer ACB DE 2020
An Adobe Acrobat file Flyer ACB EN 2020