Studioline RA4 Colour Print Processors 56 - 80 cm

The Studioline Table Top range of RA4 / BW Processors are a popular choice with photo labs and studios, colleges/universities etc. where image quality and production flexibility are the prime requirements.

All models are fully automatic “dry to dry” low maintenance systems produced in 3, 4 and 5 Tank versions for use with fresh Wash Water, the 5 Tank version is also available for use with stabiliser (RA4 wash less) if required. All models operate at a production speed of 50cm/min at a 45 second development time and are designed for cut sheet and roll production.

Available in maximum process widths of:

  • 56cm (22inch)
  • 66cm (26inch)
  • 80cm (31inch)


Files Photo Studioline

An Adobe Acrobat file DS_StudioLine_4T_5T_08_2022