History of the Company Colenta

  • 1963

    Foundation of the Company - Colenta Labortechnik GmbH, was first established in Germany way back in 1963.

  • 1965

    "Rotary Processor" - Began by designing and producing a range of “one shot” Rotary Discard Photo Processors, producing over 22,000 units in the years that followed, many of which were manufactured at a Colenta factory that was set up in Ireland to increase production and meet the demand – some of these Rotary models are still in use today.

  • 1968

    Development of 1st MiniLab System - Colenta working in partnership with Durst, produced the first professional online minilab system.

  • 1970

    "Film and Paper Roller Transport Processor" - Colenta designed and produced a comprehensive range of roller transport Film and Paper Processors. Each model produced using a unique transport system of non apposed submersed rollers and crossover water rinse transfers, which soon became popular world wide and established Colenta as a leader in roller transport technology.

  • 1972

    Brand Name MEDIPHOT - An OEM-Contract for a Colenta Private label X-Ray Film was signed with a Film Factory / Producer and the first Colenta X-Ray Film Processor, based on Colenta`s unique transport system, was launched!

  • 1974

    "Film Hanger Processor" - The film and camera markets were growing fast at this time, Roller Transport machines had restrictions in their production capacity and high volume production was fast becoming an important issue. Colenta saw the opportunity and brought a range of Dip and Dunk hanger machines to the market to be in the position to offer exactly the preference of the customer for RT or D&D.

  • 1985

    Colenta CtF Systems - This, the year that Colenta entered into the Graphic Art market by producing a range of CtF (Computer to film) Processing systems for both Offline and Online use, in a range of sizes and speeds. Where required, conveyors and buffer systems, were designed and produced to deliver exposed film into the processor directly from the film plotter.

  • 1992

    Foundation of ACB in Sofia - In this year Colenta established a new production facility in Sofia, Bulgaria – named Art Colenta Bulgaria (ACB). The factory started by producing selected models from the Colenta product range under the guidance of factory teams in Germany and Austria to develop the skills of the new work force. Today the ACB factory are producing all models of Colenta processor and their related accessories and are an established 3rd Party manufacturer for companies requiring to outsource the manufacture of parts and subassemblies used in the production of their own products.

  • 1995

    MEDIPHOT X-Ray Film Processor - This the year that Colenta introduced a new and comprehensive range of Mediphot medical x-ray film processors to the market, these models, restructured from the earlier and aged Colenta designs are all produced at the ACB factory to provide synergy both in design and in the component parts and the manufacturing techniques used.

  • 1997

    Photo products - Colenta introduced a New Generation of Roller Transport models to the photographic market, with almost all component parts, including electronics and software, produced at the ACB factory, providing Colenta with total control over all aspects of production, delivery times and costs.

  • 1998

    Industrial X-Ray NDT - This the year Colenta saw the opportunity to jump into the NDT X-Ray markets, producing products under OEM agreement with film makers as well supplying a range of Colenta INDX products to the many NDT equipment suppliers worldwide.

  • 2001

    Colenta CtP Systems - From the success and the contacts made in the CtF world, Colenta entered the CtP (Computer to Plate) market producing processing and plate handling equipment for the many types of plate being used in the printing industry.

  • 2001

    EN ISO 9001 - Colenta introduced the ISO9001 Quality Management System (QMS) covering all the production sites and operations.

  • 2008

    PCB products - From attending a trade show in Germany during this year, Colenta saw the opportunity to step into the PCB industry and supply film processors to the major film plotter manufacturers and their dealerships world wide. This required a fast learning process which was undertaken and successfully achieved, the Colenta PCB film processors are now established with a high reputation for their build quality and reliability.

  • 2014

    Healthcare - This the year that the Colenta Medical division established international markets for a comprehensive range of CR / DR Retrofit Kits including CR Readers, Flat panel Detectors, Consoles, Software and Accessories in various configurations.

  • 2020

    Industry 4.0 - Colenta internally introduced “Industry 4.0" - modern 3D Cad systems (already established in 2017) are now well connected to each other within all the factory units and R&D centres. Providing more R&D capacity and production efficiency.

  • 2021

    D&D RoboLine - As a result of the increased use of analogue cameras and film, by both amateur and professional photographers and the resulting increase in the amount of film being required to process daily, Colenta saw the opportunity to design a new film processing system using a robotic technology that allows it to be used to develop C41, B/W and even E6 film - providing a flexible, compact and cost effective universal film processor.

  • 2023

    Our company is celebrating its 60th jubilee!

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